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Teen Dating and Sexuality

The subject of teen sex often scares parents of teenagers. Here you will learn how to talk to your teen about sex and teen sexuality. Why it's important to keep the lines of communication open when faced with the issues of teen sex. We also have resources and more information on teen sexuality including teen pregnancy, menstruation, puberty, AIDS and much more.
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When is Your Teen Ready for a Relationship?
These four questions can help you decide if your teen is ready to enter the dating scene and begin a romantic relationship.

Tips for Establishing Dating Rules for Your Teen
It's important to establish guidelines to ensure your teen has a positive and healthy dating experiences.

Comprehensive listing of AIDS HIV Safe Sex information for teens and their parents.

How Common Is Teen Sexual Harassment at School
How common is sexual harassment among teens at school?

Examples of Teen Sexual Harassment at School
What are some examples of sexual harassment that happens to teens at their school?

Teen Dating Quiz - Are they friends or are they dating?
Your teen has a special friend of the opposite sex and you’re wondering if they are dating, or if it is ‘just friends’. Many parents have faced this dilemma with their teenagers and dating. Often the teenagers in the friendship don’t even know themselves. Well, here is a quick ten question quiz that can help you sort it out.

Dating Violence in Teens - Helping a Teen Who is Sexually Abusive
Do you think your teen is sexually aggressive or abusive in their dating relationships? Find out how you can get help here.

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