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Talk to Your Teen About Sex

Articles to help parents learn how to talk to your teen about their sex.
Talking to Your Teen About Oral Sex
In an age where the topic of oral sex is discussed in the news and on talk shows, parents will need to be prepared to discuss it with their teens and preteens.
Talking About Sex to Preteens
When having a talk about sex with a 9 to 12 year old teen, what do you say?
Dating - Tips on when your Preteen Wants to Start
Plus information on how to have 'The Talk' with your teen about sex.
New Study Examines the Effects of Teen-Parent Communication
A study published in the May/June 1999 issue of Family Planning Perspectives examines how teenagers' communication with their parents affects both communication with sexual partners and condom use.
Sexual Risk and Condom Use
"Teenage Partners Communication About Sexual Risk and Condom Use: The Importance Of Parent-Teenager Discussions" This is the study, with statistics and findings.
Talking With Kids About Sex and Relationships
Well organized article from Talking With Kids About Tough Issues.
Wake-up Call for Parents
Excerpt from 'For Parents Only'.
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