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Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is an issue parents never want to deal with when it concerns their teenager. Here you will find helpful resources if your teen has attempted suicide, statistics on teen suicide and what you can do if your family has been a victim of teen suicide.

What to Say to a Suicidal Teen
Do you ever wonder what youd say to your teen during a crisis in which they threatened to take their own life? Suicide is an extreme but not uncommon response to teen problems. The threat of teen suicide is a time when knowledge can change how things turn out. Heres information to help you know what to say in dealing with this delicate and...

7 Common Myths About Teen Suicide
7 common myths about teen suicide revealed and discussed. There are many misconceptions about teen behavior in relation to suicide. Parents need to have reliable, clear information about teen suicide in order to keep their teen safe.

Teen Suicide Risk Factors
Common risk factors of youth suicide.

Suicidal Ideation Defined
Suicidal ideation in teens defined. Suicidal ideation describes thoughts in teens about committing suicide and can be either active or passive.

Hope Witsell's Suicide, Have Parents Learned Anything From It?
Now back to Hope Witsell, she sent a picture and was teen sexting with her boyfriend. The picture went viral and she began to get harassed, by everyone in her school. She was cyberbullied to the point that there was a 'Hope Hater Page' on MySpace... read more.

8 Reasons Why Depressed Teens Are at Higher Risk for Suicide
Teens who are depressed are at higher risk for attempting suicide for a number of reasons. Learn about the connection between teen depression and suicide. Early identification and treatment of depression in teens is very helpful in reducing the risk of suicide in depressed teens.

Suicide Threat
A suicide threat is defined as a verbal, written or physical gesture that suggests a teen intends to take steps to end their life but hasn't yet taken this action. Any suicide threat made by a teen needs to be taken seriously.

Homosexuality and Suicide Risk
Are Gay and Lesbian Youth at High Risk for Suicide?

How to Get Help if Your Teen is Suicidal
If you are dealing with a suicidal teen know that you are not alone. Help is available to provide assistance in getting through this crisis. Who to call and what steps to take in dealing with a teen threatening to commit suicide are explained.

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