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Top 5 Top 5 Recipe and Cookbooks for Kids and Teens


Cookbooks for kids and teenagers make great holiday and birthday gifts ~ and lead for some yummy treats for the adults too!

1. Burning Down the House, Cooking with Kids

Burning Down the House, Cooking with Kids is a simple, easy to follow cookbook - containing recipes that allow a child's mind to explore the wonders of cooking. From breakfast to bedtime, recipes include Lemon Pancakes, Jazzy Popcorn, Peanut Butter Spaghetti and many more.
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2. Someone's in the Kitchen With Mommy :

More Than 100 Easy Recipes and Fun Crafts for Parents and Kids Parents and children can have fun together in the kitchen, creating nutritious, low-fat, tasty snacks and meals for holidays, rainy days, or any day, with these 100 fun-to-make recipes.
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3. Kids in the Kitchen : 100 Delicious, Fun & Healthy Recipes to Cook & Bake

The book is nicely laid out, with clear directions and color photos of ingredients and finished products in addition to the pictures of kids hard at work.

4. American Heart Association Kids' Cookbook

From the country's most trusted authority on healthy living, a fun-to-use cookbook for kids with the foods they most love to eat.

5. Kids Make Pizza : 40 Fun & Easy Recipes!

This book is an easy cook book for kids so adults can put thier feet up and have thier kids make a great tasting dinner !

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