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10 Family Vacation Tips for Parents of Teens


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Let your teen make some important choices.
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Where you are going to vacation and what you will be doing when you get there are all important things that need to be decided upon. Giving your teen a say in these important decisions will give him/her some ownership of the family vacation. This will help him/her feel more responsible for the outcome of the trip and he/she will strive to enjoy the trip more.

If you already know where you are going, have your teen plan out a day trip or the family’s daily itinerary. Give him/her resources to help with the choices they have, either online or with a printed guide book. The trick is to commit to do whatever your teen has chosen. If he/she wants to sleep in until 10 a.m. before starting the day, then that is what you should let him do. The only way you should change anything is if it wouldn’t work dynamically. For example, at Disney you can’t get from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom in 5 minutes. You’ll need to point these facts out to your teen and allow him/her to make the adjustments.

Here are some resources online for your family to use:

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