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Video Games Ratings and Fun

Research links for parents who want to make informed choices on video games for their teenagers. Includes ratings information and places with fun information to help their teenager with the games they have choosen.

Check the Rating!
Research article for parents who want to make informed choices on video games and ratings for their teenagers.

Poll: Do you believe teens get addicted to video games?
An Iowa State University researcher, Doug Gentile, just released a study on video game addiction. He says addiction is not based on how much they play, but is based on the game playing showing damage in multiple areas of their lives. With that definition, he says 8.5% showed addictive behavior. What do you think?

Teens and Video Games - Top Tips for Handling Video Games and Online Gaming...
Article for parents of teens with tips from real parents about their teenagers playing video games and online gaming, what the rules are in their...

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