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By JMSlaughter

Chesapeake Family Magazine's About Teens

Shannon rolling her eyes.

Chesapeake Family Magazine's About Teens

A Family Christmas Jib-Jab Sing-a-long

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Chesapeake Family Magazine's About Teens

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Why did you start blogging?

I was inspired to blog about parenting teens because I know there are other parents out there who are just as dazed and confused as I am in the today's tech-centric, fast moving lifestyle.

I am happy to share my joy and pain as I blog, laugh and cry my way through daughter Shannon's teenage years.

How do you choose your blog topics?

Topics come from my real life experiences or conversations with other POT's (Parents of Teens). All are topical to today's teen including:

"About Teens: Parental boyfriend downstairs wisdom" - my new mantra 'Feet on the floor, hands in the air.'

"About Teens: Thug Boys" - Enough with the crotch-holding jean wearing around my house.

"About Teens: Surely, you don't mean MY daughter" - my out-of-body experience when Shannon's school Principal called me at work.


  • Be prepared: The teenage years start at 12 and end at 25.
  • Read Erma Bombeck. She's my mentor.
  • Just when you think you've figured it out...it's a no-go.
  • Teens are best when sleeping.
  • Remember, you were a teen once too.

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