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Readers Respond: Best Preparation Ideas for Christmas With Teens

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How do you organize Christmas preparation in your home? Do you ask your teen for a list of gift ideas they want/need? Do you have a special day to decorate the home together? Do you schedule some family time for fun or volunteering? Please share your ideas and stories here.

Custom Clothes- Great Gift

I'm 14 and last year my mom let me design my own clothes and that is the perfect gift for any teen fashionista!
—Guest FashionGirl

Get An Answer

My mom never new what to get me more and more as I grew older starting at about 12. She would ask me and ask me what I wanted and I'd just say that I don't know. Finally last christmas she said "Michaela, you need to give me some real ideas for christmas this year. I still didn't know so she sat me down at the computer and told me to start looking. She told me that finally she had options on what to get me for the christmas. Only now her problem was too many options but it was better than no options. If you know what they want but want them to pick what they want best buy a few of their items and then give them a gift card. That's what my mom did. Thanx!
—Guest CuteGirlWithAnAwesomeMom

What Teenagers really like

Do you want an idea from a real teenager? I'm 15, and I LOVE Christmas. If you want your kids to really love putting up the decorations and stuff, make it fun! Don't make it seem like it's work that has to be done. My parents make it to where I almost want to quit because they make it boring and make it seem like a chore. Put on some music, dance around the house making your kids laugh while putting on the decorations. Then when Christmas day comes, and it is opening presents, whenever you open a present, throw the wrapping paper away or put the bag the present was in in a pile. That way there isn't major clean-up after. And when it comes time to take down the decorations, and that's kind of sad no matter what because there is nothing to look forward to, make it to where the kinds have something to look forward to after, say you could go get icecream or some kind of treat after your done. That will cheer them up!
—Guest A Teenager

Candle Tradition

We love christmas. We have a tradition, we always have candles in our windows. They are not lit until Christmas Eve when all the family are together, I have always told my kids these candles are not decoration they represent the star that led the Wise Men. We totally light up our house with 2 large trees.
—Guest newdawn08

Preparation Ideas for Christmas w/ teens

I have 3 kids. G18,B15,B12. The day after Thanksgiving is tree and house decorating day. I get out the food and drinks. Put music on and start passing out thier childhood ornaments. Each year a different child puts the angel on the top. They normally argue over who did it last year, so we take a picture of course. There was a year I just was under the weather and they were made I didn't start anything. The next thing I knew they were getting the tree out and decorations.
—Guest Nancy Scott


The boys, now 15 and 17, invite their friends/girlfriends and help decorate the house/tree. I know - not really a guy thing - but make some homemade pizza, buy some munchies and put out some treats. They'll go to town and have a blast. We love this day!
—Guest LoveChristmas


We put on the calendar the first week of December, a day to decorate the house, get the tree and then I make a turkey dinner to celebrate having the house ready for Christmas. To have a special dinner together before Christmas is a evening that the whole family looks forward to.
—Guest Lisa

Christmas teens

Every year around Christmas since my daughters were about 2 and we went to playgroup together, I made a point of trying to teach them about giving to others. We would go to the grocery store together and buy essentials then I would take them to a local food bank to donate. They could see the volunteers, loads of food and toys and hopefully understand that no matter how little you have, there's always enough to share. My daughters are now 15 and 18 and we still make a point of buying groceries to bring to the food bank. They are often the ones to ask me when are we going to go! As a family this year I would like the 4 of us to go to a homeless shelter to help serve people over the holiday season. The girls might be a little hesitant to do this at first but I am convinced that they will get more out of it than anything I could wrap and put under the tree.

Visual List

My 17 year old daughter makes her list by copying the item description and picture of each item into a word document. Then all I have to do is print the list, go into the stores, show a salesperson the list and my shopping is done! I also share the list with other family members who would like to purchase gifts for her.
—Guest Simone

Clean it out!

I spend time with my kids 14dd & 16dd cleaning out their old winter things and then make a list of things they will need. Like if last year's gloves and hats are worn - out they go! I note what color this year's coat is and if there are any styles they might like to have. It's a good way to fill a Christmas list with things they want and need.
—Guest MelanieM

Get a List

Teens are way more pickier than kids. I have 3 and I tell them to write a list so I have an idea of what they want. I never buy them clothes, lol. I usually get them a couple things from their list and a gift card because they like to buy there own things.

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