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Readers Respond: Top Ways to Handle the Stress of Disciplining Your Teen

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Being the disciplinarian is never easy. Even when you do the job well, you have to handle all of the stress that comes with it. This stress can get so bad that you may not be at your best when disciplining your teen the next time. How do you handle the parental stress of discipline so that you can be at your best when you teen needs you again?

ways to handle stress of disicipline

I have one teenager age 13. She is diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. Sometimes the stress gets so bad I just feel like giving up! The way I handle the stress is I take some 'me time' in my room reading bible, playing my favorite gospel music, visit with a friend or I just go for a walk,
—Guest gloria lewis

Handling Teen Discipline Stress

I have three teens in the house, and sometimes it seems like all I am doing is being a disciplinarian! In order to re-energize myself, I make sure to take some "me" time! Whether it be reading a book, watching a movie or talking to a friend. I feel that making positive connections with my teens also helps reduce my stress when dealing with them. A short amount of one on one time with each child brings us closer together without interuptions. For example, I have each child help me in the kitchen at least once a week. We schedule it so that it doesn't interfere with their work or other activities. We cook, talk and just have a great time.
—Guest Lynette

Discipline Filipino Style

Communication with emphasis on discipline and a humor that works. These make the teen see their limits and also learn how they can enjoy their parents despite the parents getting to be strict disciplining.
—Guest chatt sunico

Don't overreact

It is important for parents not to overreact when they find out their teen did something wrong. Don't "go nuts" on them. Try to keep the lines of communication open so they will always feel free to talk to you next time something is bothering them. Disciplining a teen requires explaining, reasoning, helping them to understand the whys about things, not just rules and breaking rules and punishment. Parents need to be firm, but they need to teach their teen, instruct them.
—Guest Scott Wolfenden

Handling Discipline Stress

I have two teenage daughters ages 16 and 18 and sometimes the stress of disciplining is so bad it makes me just want to give up. There are a couple of easy things that I have found that helps to reconnect to our simpler peaceful times. With my older daughter I give her a shoulder or leg massage. She's an athlete so she loves this kind of attention especially when she's stressed. With my younger daughter I address her with one of her favorite childhood nicknames and give her a hug. She is the social girl and often is in the throes of High School girl drama so this helps her to remember less complicated times. These are little things but they seem to help us through the tough times and to remember how much love we do, and can, share. Otherwise I take their car keys away until they straighten up and that always does the trick!
—Guest Christina

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